Meet the Goddess

From a music degree to being the Crystal Reports Goddess


It started immediately after I earned a diploma in Computer Systems Management at Capilano College with an 18-month stint in the Technical Support department at Seagate Software who then owned the Crystal Reports product suite. One morning I woke up and realized what a great tool Crystal Reports is, and that I wanted to get out into the world and USE it!  So I went freelance in July 1998 and never looked back. Since then I have created custom reports in four countries, with over 40 satisfied clients, in almost every industry and sector, including private, public,  non-profit and government.

I think a freelancer/consultant has to be a bit of an entrepreneur, and during these last 17 years also founded Spokeswomen Mountain Bike Camps, which was Whistler/Blackcomb’s most successful summer program, and managed marketing, events and membership sales at Skyloft Ski & Country Club, which my family owned for 11 years.

Outside of work, there are a lot of things I love to do, and here are a few of them…

  • Ashtanga Yoga – even did a yoga teacher training in 2010 to develop myself
  • Tennis –finally made the ‘C’ Team at Davisville Tennis Club this year
  • Mountain Biking – the Durham Forest has the best single track around
  • Travel – I have lived in BC, Whistler, all over Australia, and New Zealand, and traveled extensively in Europe, the US, and Canada. I speak passable French, and am learning Italian.
  • Volunteering – I led seminars at Landmark Education for five years, and in 2010 I was an official volunteer at the Vancouver Winter Olympics (I did tech support in the Alpine Media Centre. Coolest. Gig. Ever.)

For me, designing great database reports that can be understood at first glance WITHOUT any explanation is my idea of a good time. It’s like solving a puzzle, which I enjoy.

Beyond that, I have discovered that digging into an organization’s data, I get an honest glimpse of what really goes on there. I can see what works and doesn’t work, which employees contribute and which ones don’t, and what direction the company is actually going in (compared to the one they say they are).
I know how to ask the right questions of the right people. Here are the end results:

  1. Increased productivity of your team
  2. Cleaner, more valuable data
  3. Increased employee morale – clean data in the right format for the people who need it makes your team’s lives better!
  4. A view into your data that enables smart business decisions at any level of an organization

I value collaboration, innovation, and straight communication. I am all about providing lasting value.