Custom QuickBooks reports in minutes? YES!

A funny thing happened after I wrote the post in July 2013 about building a Commission Report for QuickBooks. I started to get a lot of inquiries about doing other custom reports for QuickBooks using Crystal Reports. I’m thinking “Oh, golly, no!”  It was ornery and time consuming and awful. I couldn’t fathom business owners trying to do that kind of battle, let alone me with 18 years of dedicated experience with Crystal Reports. I’ve started and/or run several small businesses, so I can understand the frustrations and breakdowns that business owners experience. This was pure hell.

But then a prospect told me to check out the solution offered by Clearify. It’s called QQubeTM. It’s pronounced cue-cube. QQube basically sucks the data out of QuickBooks, improves its structure, and drops it into a pre-designed data warehouse every night. And from there, with either Crystal Reports or the QQube Add-In for Excel, you can design reports in MINUTES, not hours and days. Or weeks.
After speaking with the founder of Clearify, Chuck Vigeant, also known as the Grandfather of Crystal Reports for QuickBooks, I became a Solution Partner – and I was the first Crystal Reports specialist on his partner list…a new enterprise was born.
My new company is called Datisfy Inc. At Datisfy we Do What Counts. As in “get satisfied with your data”. What a concept! Our vision is this: By 2025, one million business owners will be free from the insanity of wasting their time on stuff they shouldn’t be wasting their time on! Like messing around with Excel to get what they need to make better business decisions.
The new website isn’t ready yet – but we are accepting new report requests from QuickBooks users. To show you how it works, just submit an excel mock-up of the report you’d like to see. We will do three things:
  1. Tell you if it’s even possible (e.g. we won’t waste your time if it’s not)
  2. Make suggestions and ask questions to clarify the requirements
  3. Provide an estimate of time and fees
Customers DATISFIED to date:
STATES – California, New York, Massachusetts
INDUSTRIES – Sales/Manufacturing, Insurance Adjusting, Business Education Sales
Submit your report request today – and get in our QQube Queue! The Datisfy team looks forward to helping more business owners and managers Do What Counts.
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