Creating Reports for Skire Unifier

One of my current and ongoing clients is Skire. Skire has developed a cloud-based application called Unifier for managing major capital and construction projects, facility management, and real estate portfolio management. It also integrates with SAP, and it is HIGHLY customizable to new business processes.

Which makes custom reporting pretty essential. Not much of the reporting from one client can be ported to another. And the learning curve for creating Crystal Reports for Unifier is pretty steep. I’ve been doing complex Crystal Reports for 15 years, and it took me several months to understand the ins and outs, and I still learn something important every time I take on a new set of reports.

I was assigned a set of three new reports this week for a client in Arizona.  The reports were EXPERTLY mapped out – every field was identified, every criteria mentioned.  So what was anticipated to take up to 120 hours was almost 100% completed in about 30.  So what am I trying to say? Well, yes, my understanding of the system helped, but what will save you the most time and money in the long run is having someone who has a deep understanding of your data structure AND business processes who can translate the user requirements into a true map.  And then allow that person adequate time to do the report specification. It was an absolute joy to work on those reports this week!

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