A well-designed report allows you to make better business decisions.

I work with organizations and individuals who need better, more valuable information out of the data they already collect. One of the ways I do this is using Crystal Reports — an amazingly powerful software application that can connect to just about any kind of database.

Since 1996, I have created custom reports in four countries, with over 65 satisfied clients, in almost every industry and sector, including private, public,  non-profit and government. (Check out what they have to say about the stellar work I’ve done for them over the years!)

This is the kind of work I love to do:

  • design custom database reports using Crystal Reports, on any kind of database
  • analyze the state of affairs in your database, and find new opportunities for you
  • train people on how to use Crystal Reports

I work remotely with a hand-picked team of colleagues, though I can be on-site for a few days or weeks at the beginning of a complex project. I like to get in, work my magic, and get out — but I will always be available to tweak and edit should the need arise. In fact, one thing I always offer my clients is a 6-month unlimited maintenance option once the work has been ‘signed off’.

I’m often asked, Why should I hire a consultant for my company’s data reporting? The answer is simple: Crystal Reports can be extremely complicated and you want someone who can quickly understand your data’s structure, quickly translate that into a great report, and be available to fix things quickly if something changes. Key word here is QUICK. As in not wasting time. Plus you don’t have to add someone to your payroll.

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